Service Dog Breeding

Career Dogs will help you develop specific goals, targets and timelines to positively effect the working ‘type’ within your colony and your success rate. Then…we provide you with the tools to make it happen.

Breeding & Stud Master Services

Success in the area of practical breeding relies on fundamental guidelines. Career Dog supports private breeders and Service Dog organisations as they endeavour to improve their reproductive practices….

Breeding Program Development and Expansion

We understand that every breeding program, large or small, has unique requirements, therefore we work with you to enhance what you have in place and initiate growth in areas of need. With our assistance, your breeding program will grow and flourish – producing service dogs of excellence

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Maureen Maurer – Executive Director
Assistance Dogs of Hawaii

We believe that starting with the right puppy is most important – puppies that have the best chance of passing rigorous health and temperament screening. Over the past 15 years we have brought in dogs from all over the world to enter our Assistance Dog training program and the best we have found are from Lauren and Career Dog. Our graduation success rate has increased dramatically – the health and temperament of the dogs from Career Dog is the best we have found!

Marina Hall Phillips – Breeding Administrator
Assistance Dogs International Breeding Cooperative

Ms. Elgie at Career Dog delivers the ability to resolve immediate working-dog program needs with long term vision. As a manager, Lauren has a vibrant understanding of the multiple facets that support a working-dog program, from genetics to breeding husbandry to early social development and training. Ms. Elgie is able to liaise well with dog staff, volunteers, executives and veterinary professionals to meet your particular needs. Career Dog is an exceptional resource to bring it all together for your program while facilitating quick results coupled with long range working-dog colony development.

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