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Career Dog operates a small but focused breeding program developed in order to support Guide Dog and Assistance Dog programs in Australia and offshore. We breed well researched and reliable lines for either a working role or potential breeding career within the service dog industry.


We have gathered proven service dog lines from the USA, Canada, Australia the UK and New Zealand in order to offer organisations an injection of genetic diversity to their established program, or to provide reliable lines to small operations where investment of a lean budget in to a puppy needs to have a high probability of success.

Throughout our years immersed in the service dog breeding industry, we are yet to meet the perfect breeding dog, and as a consequence we are very honest with our colleagues as to where a lines strengths and weaknesses might lie.

Please explore OUR DOGS to learn more about our Broods and Promising Youngsters, as well as past and future litters. Career Dog Australia (and Managing Director Lauren Elgie) is a registered breeder with the Queensland Government with Breeder Identification Number BIN0000781656661.

We recommend that organisations express an interest in particular lines or future litters well in advance. Feel free to contact us here….

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