Career Dog Breeding Program

Career Dog operates a small but focused breeding program developed in order to support Guide Dog and Service Dog programs in Australia and offshore.

Occasionally we have purpose bred puppies available. Please contact us here to discuss future plans within our program….or visit our dogs here to learn more about their attributes.Guide

Breeding Program Development and Expansion

We understand that every breeding program, large or small, has unique requirements, therefore we work with you to enhance what you have in place and initiate growth in areas of need. With our assistance, your breeding program will grow and flourish – producing dogs of excellence. Read more….

Breeding and Stud Master Service

Success in the area of practical breeding relies on fundamental guidelines. Inaccurate theories and “old wives tales” cloud excellent practice in the field of canine breeding. Career Dog supports private breeders and Service Dog organisations as they endeavour to improve their breeding practices – season monitoring, evaluation of hormone profiles, ovulation timing, managing breeding dog environment and stress, natural breeding, fresh AI, chilled or frozen artificial insemination, frozen semen storage, pre- and post-whelp brood monitoring and litter development – and the basis for all expert breeding practice….excellent husbandry. Read more…

Guide Dog and Service Dog Breeding
We spend time immersed in discussion with your organisation to ensure we understand the qualities you wish to maintain and enhance on your program, and those that you wish to manipulate away from your working dog colony.

In order to effect growth, your program needs to be known intimately. Career Dog will help you develop specific goals, targets and timelines. Then….we provide you with the tools to make it happen. Read more…

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